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JON is a Dutch  support group for people that have the ability to fall in love with children, but who do not want to activate those feelings into sexual acts with children.

 JON knows that it's not easy to discover this aspect in yourself.

JON's opinion is that it is not good to deny and suppress this feelings. It is better to recognize them and admit them for yourself as a part of yourself - and to cope with them in a way that is responsible for the child, the parents, society and yourself. 

JON tries to help you handle these feelings in a responsible and legal way. Members can speak about it in an intimate atmosphere. One can hear how others cope with the feelings - you are not alone with them.

JON is a self-help group. This means that the members try to help each other to get on with their feelings in a responsible, legal and social way. It is not a therapy group, there is not a therapist. There is only conversation as a group or between individuals. There may also be more help: the coordinators are able and willing to listen more frequent to the members and to travel to their homes anywhere in the country. 

JON knows and acknowledges that sexual contacts with children may introduce harm for a child. Not always, but there is a risk that nobody beforehand knows. So, you might burden your beloved with a great problem. Thus, do not take that risk. 

JON knows and acknowledges also that the Dutch law forbids, as the laws in most countries do, sexual contacts between children and adults. This law is achieved in a democratic way, you can believe that the majority of the (Dutch) people and Parliament support it. JON respects this law. The members are supposed to do the same, as well as to respect some internal rules, mentioned in a behaviour code. 

JON's name is an abbreviation of - translated: 'JORis in the East of the Netherlands'. "JORis" is an abbreviation of - translated: 'Youth Adults Relationships, intimacy, sexuality'. NVSH stands for - translated: 'Dutch Association for Sexual Reform'. 

Ehm... what to do with my feelings? 

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