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NVSH-werkgroep JORis, Oost Nederland

JORis West

Beide groepen zijn hier bereikbaar:

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Landelijk: organisaties
NVSH - Postbus 64
2501 CB Den Haag
Stop it now! 
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Voorkom seksueel kindermisbruik
Hulptelefoon 0800-2666436
Nederlandse web sites  Frank Vrijman - Twee bundels gedichten
Chat site 'JongensForum Er was eens... (Verhalen & twee analyses; Nederlands; vertaald uit het Spaans)

Hulpverlening / Find help

Helping People with Pedophilic Feelings 

Internationaal / International

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Ipce started as a forum for people who are engaged in scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults.
In the course of time, the function 'forum for discussion' has gradually ended. The remaining result is Ipce as a large library.
The conclusion in terms of ethics is the statement: “First, do no harm”, followed by: “and do not take the risk”.

Our goal is unique and unprecedented: to make effective and compassionate mental health care available to individuals who self-identify as minor-attracted and who are seeking assistance in dealing with issues in their lives that are challenging to them. We want to give them hope for productive and fulfilling lives.

NAMBLA Annabel (English Chat list about girl love)
MHAMic  - Male Homosexual Attraction to Minors Information Center: Arbeitsgemeinschaf Humane Sexualität 
  La garçonière (Français)

Pédagora (Français)
Ange Bleu (Français) Arcados (Deutsch; Info und Hilfe)