Style 2: Dolls


If you visit some people, you will see a child playing with Legos or a pirate ship. Or there is a little one, wearing beautiful clothes, in a chair or sitting on the personís lap. EhmmÖ "Hey!" OhÖ Itís not a real child but a doll! Very beautiful and lifelike!

"Yes, itís only fantasy, but by doing so, I am more or less able to live as I want to. I can utter my feelings and I can give expression to them. By doing so, I can relax completely. I do not harm anyone."

  "Donít your visitors think this is odd?"

"Oh no, they see it as funny or beautiful. Iím simply a collector of dolls. I would like to have children, but for one reason or another I havenít. Iím a bit shy, you knowÖ"