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Gieles, F E J 
The tail end of a long dachshund 
A long-standing ethics discussion 
February 2012
In May 2011, the Martijn Association decided to set up an Ethics Commission. Ethics is concerned with the question of what is good and what is bad; with values, norms and guidelines. [...]
In this article,  I aim to place these guidelines in a broader context, namely that of the debate which has taken place in the Netherlands – and far beyond its borders – since the 1990s. The commission does not come up with any revolutionary, new advice, but follows up on a long-standing discussion, like the tail end of a long dachshund. 
It shows that, as long as people with paedophilic feelings are allowed to enter into serious discussion, far from ending up in ‘raunchy suggestions’ the end result is an actual ethical code – and a fairly strict one at that. 
You would never want to harm a child, would you? Association Martijn, Ethical Commission, 
The Netherlands, March 2012
The Martijn Association advises all its members to observe the law and to act in accordance with the following guidelines. Exercise integrity in all situations involving children while respecting: 
  1. Consent: the consent of both in every contact.
  2. Freedom: freedom for the child to end the contact if desired.
  3. Harmony: acting in accordance with the child’s development.
  4. Openness: openness towards the parents, especially in the case of young children.